Invisible turntables -

Designed for automobile and small truck display, these will support a vehicle under the tires and rotate the vehicle. Everything is under the vehicle and not seen. This can be controlled by a simple control our automated control system.

High performance turntables -

Macton 18 foot diameter turntables with a 12,000 pound capacity. These assemble in under 1 hour. With a 2 foot height, the motor and controls are under the turntable, hidden from the public. The state of the art units feature 4 stages of EMI and RF filtering to minimize radiated and power line noise for a true show ready turntable. Control can be either a simple speed controller or our automated control system capable of turning a 6,000 pound vehicle 90 degrees in 6 seconds with 1/20 degree accuracy (that's under 1/2 inch on a 56 foot circumference. AND multiple units can be programmed to start and stop at the same time, in synchronization. With the optional 20 foot square surround, these can be flush with our stage deck so as to provide a flat, continuous surface .

Specifications and details

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